February 14, 2013

Mission Builders

If you have a heart for missions—and especially Youth With A Mission—come and join in our short-term volunteer program called Mission Builders.

Mission Builders have played a major role in making the YWAM Northwoods campus what it is today. Helping with everything from carpentry and maintenance to food services, groundskeeping and secretarial work. Many of these wonderful volunteers come year after year because they’ve found it’s a challenging and spiritually refreshing experience—and a great way to make new friends from around the world.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 80, in good health, and able to volunteer 60 days to three months of your time, come to Wisconsin and become a Mission Builder. Volunteers work 40 hours a week. Room and board are provided.


What’s a typical day like?

As a Mission Builder volunteer you will usually get up early for breakfast on Campus and work from about 8:30–5:30pm. Mission Builders serve on various parts of the campus: working in offices, doing construction, preparing meals, doing maintenance, landscaping and many other tasks. You will have numerous opportunities to interact with our staff and students at meal times, work and community events.

We work eight (8) hours per day, Monday through Friday. Each department may have work hours adjusted to its particular needs. Weekends are free for resting, exploring and attending the church of your choice. Workers have weekly meetings which they are required to attend: a a Mission Builders meeting and Wednesday morning worship with the entire community. We want you to feel part of our Campus family, so we encourage our volunteers to participate in campus events such as worship gatherings, weekend seminars and socials. Your job as a Mission Builder will be assigned according to the needs of the Campus at the time you arrive. We strive to place you in your area of expertise and interest, but it is not always possible. Please come with an open heart and a willingness to serve in whatever capacity you are needed.


Where will I be living while at YWAM Northwoods?

As a Mission Builder volunteer you will be housed in our main building, “The Lodge.” If you are a single, it’s possible you may have one or two roommates. Couples will have their own rooms. Families are welcome to apply if there children are over 18 and they are willing for there young adults to be housed with other singles. Residents may share a common bathroom. There are also several common living rooms where Mission Builders can gather for fellowship. Laundry facilities are provided. All meals will be provided in our dining room in The Lodge.


What are the standards of conduct at YWAM Northwoods?

Youth With A Mission is a missionary organization whose goal is to know God and to make Him known. Our desire is that the life style—living, learning and working together—will support this goal. Our standards include a sanction against drinking, smoking, drug abuse, sexual immorality, etc). We trust you’ll experience a combination of godliness and naturalness that will be refreshing. We want you to understand beforehand what is expected of those who come to serve with us. By our love for one another and our way of life we hope to project a Christian testimony both on campus and the local community.


What is there to do during our free time?

During off-hours, you can enjoy times on one of the many area lakes, competitive games on our basketball court, peaceful walks on our maintained trails, movie nights, bonfires, hanging out in an area on campus, exercising in one of our Work Out Rooms, or venturing out to one of our Local Attractions.


What do I wear?

Dress is casual. Modest shorts are acceptable for most jobs. We are informal even for church.

For Women: casual dresses, skirts, shorts, capris or slacks. Avoid attire that is sexually suggestive or transparent. This includes skin-tight clothing, short shorts/skirts, or low cut tops.

For Men: short sleeved shirts, T-shirts and pants or shorts. No suits necessary. Men are expected to wear shirts or tank tops at all times while on campus, except when engaged in sporting events.

Just as a tip: when you’re packing and you’re unsure about the modesty of a piece of clothing, be on the safe side and don’t bring it!


Do I need to bring my own sheets and towels?

We provide linen and towels.


What kinds of meals are served?

All meals are served cafeteria style from our commercial kitchen. The kitchen typically serves cereal, fruit, toast and eggs with coffee and tea at breakfast. Lunches feature salads, sandwiches, soups and sometimes dinner leftovers. Dinners may include ethnic favorites like Brazilian dishes, lasagna, pizza, salads, etc. Our coffee bar is open 24 hours a day for you to help yourself to. There are no accommodations for special diets.


How do I plan my travel?

After you have received your acceptance letter, you can talk to one of our staff to determine the best way to get here. You can also find a Google Map on our Contact Page.


How do I receive mail while I’m there?

It is essential when informing your friends of your address that you specify “Mission Builders”. The mailing address is as follows:

W14580 County Highway D
Weyerhaeuser, WI 54895


Is it possible to get email there?

Yes. The campus offers wireless internet connections, so if you bring a laptop you can connect anywhere on Campus. We also have a public computer set up for Mission Builders if they have no laptop.


Is insurance required?

We do not provide medical coverage. You must have valid health insurance coverage to participate in the Mission Builder program. Internationals must have worldwide health insurance coverage.


Is volunteer work tax deductible?

YWAM Northwoods is registered as a non-profit, educational institution and all donations of money, equipment or property are tax deductible. These gifts may be made without restriction or may be designated to one or more of the YWAM ministries.

Travel expenses for volunteer work may also be deductible. Consult the IRS or other country’s equivalent, if considering tax credits for travel in connection with your service as a volunteer builder/worker. It is recommended that you be sent out by your local church or other non-profit organization where the church pays your way from donations made for this purpose.


What will my expenses be?

There is a non-refundable $40 application fee when you apply. All leisure travel and entertainment expenses are your responsibility. Also, upon arrival, you will be expected to pay a $50 room deposit which you will get back when you leave.

If you want to join this fun, dedicated, and active program, contact Mission Builders:
Phone: +1 (715) 353-2280
or e-mail: info@ywamnorthwoods.org