February 12, 2013

Discipleship Training School

The Lecture Phase


A Discipleship Training School (or YWAM-DTS) is often referred to as a heart school. During these 3 months students will engage in interactive classroom study with guest speakers.  A heavy emphasis is placed on living discipleship as a lifestyle, meaning that a life spent following Jesus is one spent constantly learning and being refined to be more like Him. Students also will have work duties each afternoon to emphasize working as a team and living life with the heart of a servant.




  • Worship As A Lifestyle
  • We Are God’s House of Prayer for Intercession
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Walking out Christian Values and Godly character
  • Intimacy with God
  • Evangelism
  • Breaking lies through understanding the Truth
  • Truth about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Father heart of God, His character and His ways
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Living with healthy relationships
  • The fear of the Lord
  • Sin, Cross and Redemption
  • How to be led by the Spirit of God
  • God’s Call is to All (every age, every person into every nation)





The Outreach Phase

You will be blown away. Every outreach God reveals His heart for all people. Your gifts will be used, you will be moved with compassion, your eyes will be opened to God’s perspective for the lost.




And then after YWAM-DTS…

Upon completion of YWAM-DTS you will find that there are many ways to become involved in fulfilling the call that God has for you. You will receive 22 credits through the University of the Nations that you will be able to use to pursue a de gree of your choice. You will also be eligible to pursue all the different YWAM courses and staff opportunities offered throughout the world, or you can take back the new insight that you have received to your church, co-workers, and friends. Completion of a DTS also qualifies you to do any secondary school in YWAM, including our School of Biblical Foundations (SBF), which focuses on studying Scripture in a deep way.





What past DTS students have to say….

“Before DTS, I should not have been allowed to speak! Through the teachings and the things I experienced, my heart was awakened to a new revelation of what life is really about. Who God really is, and who I am in Him.”

“DTS is amazing! I learned more about myself and God and His character in three months than I have in my whole life. Through DTS I was renewed, refined, refreshed and transformed into the person God created me to be. I loved it man!”




Fall 2018Spring 2019



Lecture Phase$3500
Outreach Phase$3000


Apply for a Discipleship Training School

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