Crossroads Discipleship Training School . . .

The CDTS is created for (but not limited to) people 25 and over who want to follow Christ. Singles, couples, and families are welcome. This is a time set apart to build a strong foundation in Christ, apply principles of scripture and prayer, reflect the character of Christ and engage missions prayerfully and practically.

Our goal is that you will be successful in your pursuit to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, representing His kingdom and leadership to those not yet part of it.

The program consists of three months of classroom training (lecture phase) and 8 weeks field experience (outreach phase).


The Lecture Phase

A CDTS is sometimes referred to as a school of the Holy Spirit. During these 3 months students will engage in interactive classroom study with guest speakers enhanced with men’s and women’s small groups and individual mentoring. The emphasis is living discipleship as a lifestyle—meaning that a life spent following Jesus is one spent constantly learning and being refined to be more like Him.

Students also will have work duties each afternoon to emphasize working as a team and living life with the heart of a servant. The lifestyle is simple—multicultural and international—with meals eaten together in a community dining room.





  • Worship
  • Prayer / Intercession
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Christlikeness – Hear and Do
  • Friendship with God
  • Evangelism
  • Forgiveness
  • Father heart of God and His character
  • Spiritual warfare
  • The Fear of the Lord
  • Sin and Redemption
  • Walking in the Spirit of God
  • God’s Call is to All (every age, every person into every nation)
  • History of Missions
  • Leadership Principles




The Field Experience

Eight weeks of practical community and mission experience within a team to tribal, indigenous, and urban locations in Asia to represent Christ and His kingdom with us—including preaching, teaching, evangelism, helping, serving, encouraging, prayer and ministry.






And then after CDTS…

You will receive 20 credits through the University of the Nations allowing you to pursue other YWAM courses and staff opportunities offered throughout the world. Completion of a CDTS also qualifies you for any secondary school in YWAM.










Lecture Phase June 04th 2017 August 25th 2017
Outreach Phase August 28th 2017 October 22nd 2017



Lecture Phase $3500,00
Field Experience / Outreach Phase $2100,00 + airfare








We have done our best at keeping cost for the training schools as low as possible. For some people it seems very low; for others discouragingly unattainable. Year after year, we hear testimonies of the Lord’s provision for training tuition. Look to Him for His provision and do your part.



Apply for CDTS

Download your application here.



What past CDTS students have to say….

“My time in CDTS was time of complete focusing to God and forgetting everything else for 6 months. This investment, as I see it, turned out to be the greatest adventure of my life which is still going on! This school made me realize what does a life look like where there is complete devotion and focus to God. Because of that I started to see practical ways of growing which required only my willingness before God.” (Kasperi, age 24, Finland)

“Thinking about CDTS brings about deep gratitude to God for the things He did in my life during those six months of the school. It was a time of rest and renewal. Having been in the mission field for many years, there were things that keep piling up in my heart that needed to be brought to light. The school gave me time to process some of those unresolved issues on forgiveness and walking in love just like what Jesus did and taught. It simply was going back to the basic and focusing on what really matters–my relationship with God and with others.” (Adeline, 50, Philippines)